Shoreline is excited to share the world renowned I.S.T.D Modern Theatre syllabus with Powell River dancers. This bold and exciting work is designed to complement classical training by giving students the ability to explore counter balance, floor work, improvisation, isolation and more.

Modern is a rhythmic dance style which originated in America before traveling to the rest of the world. It is often seen on the stages of musical productions and is known for its theatrical qualities.

Examinations are open to both male and female candidates. Candidates may take any grade without having passed previous examinations, provided they satisfy the minimum age/technical requirements as assessed by the Director. Students must take 2 classes of the same I.S.T.D grade each week in order to be eligible for an examination after completing Grade 4. Dancers in the Vocational Graded level must take all proposed classes in order to be eligible for an examination.

I.S.T.D Primary Modern : Ages 6 – 7yrs
I.S.T.D Grade 1 Modern: Ages 7 – 8yrs

The Primary Modern & Grade 1 syllabi introduce young students to a variety of sounds and rhythms teaching students the relationship between sound and movement.  With upbeat and fun music and encouraging use of the imagination, Primary Modern is a great introduction to this energetic way of moving.

I.S.T.D Grade 2 – 6 Examinations

Much like the R.A.D each level builds upon the next. More advanced combinations of high-release, spiral, isolation, floor work, contraction, breath and release. Placement is based on age and previous experience.

I.S.T.D Intermediate – Advanced 2 Examinations

Built for dancers aspiring to have a career in contemporary or theatre, these higher level I.S.T.D examinations require dancers to attend 2 classes a week in the same level in order to be eligible for an examination. Students must also take a minimum of 4hrs a week in classical ballet.

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