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“All that is important is this one moment in movement. Make the moment important, vital, and worth living. Do not let it slip away unnoticed and unused…Martha Graham”



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Shoreline Dance Academy


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Dance Dad’s are the best ! Thank you to all the SDA Dad’s out there for all you do 💙 ...

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Thinking about Jazz class for your young dancer but worried it might not be age appropriate ?

A very legitimate concern...

Family values are everything at SDA, and you'll see that in the music, costuming, themes, and movements we use. We believe young dancers shouldn't live beyond their years, because being a kid already passes by fast enough !

Our jazz is based in current technique and musicality by a faculty that has decades of training. So hit those accents and bust out the energy because jazz class is for everyone.

This year SDA offers Junior Jazz and Intermediate Jazz. For registration visit

Photo : Jennifer Dodd

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Absolutely loved the last 3 days in Vancouver spending time with so many of my gifted fellow teachers and studio owners as well as the fabulous Tereza Theodoulou.
So honoured to be part of the professional, educational powerhouse that is the ISTD. The level of accomplishment and knowledge in the room was overwhelming in it’s capacity.

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Sheena Davies, you are so loved.
Check out some of these awesome shots from “Beginnings.”
So proud of our SDA dancers and the humility, and desire they exude.
2019/2020 here we come 🌻🌊

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